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Q-Asinine T-shirt

Q-Asinine T-shirt
Q-Asinine T-shirt
Q-Asinine T-shirt
Q-Asinine T-shirt
Product image 1Q-Asinine T-shirt
Product image 2Q-Asinine T-shirt
Product image 3Q-Asinine T-shirt
Product image 4Q-Asinine T-shirt

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This is a #Resist and political activist shirt. This shirt is also Democratic, liberal, and progressive, which makes it anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-conservative, and anti-right. It is perfect to wear at all rallies, marches, protests, and demonstrations. 

 This shirt supports facts, truth, education, intelligence, logic, and reasoning. It is a very, very, very, very anti-conspiracy theory shirt. It also doesn't like people who get all their "information and facts" from social media and you-tube.  This shirt hangs out with the I AM NOT MARK SARGENT a lot. They usually invite over FUCK THEM IT'S SCIENCE and make fun of people on social media.

This shirt does a lot of heavy lifting.

Aggrovist Apparel makes shirts for Resist, Equality, and Activist causes.

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