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Ok, the Democrat National Convention doesn’t get a pass. For all their civil right’s work and social causes activism, the attack on Free Speech is their fault. Liberals created Political Correctness. And the Hell Spawn of PC culture is the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). Born in the early 1990’s, this good idea gone HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY, TERRIBLY, WRONG is the reason we now have “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”. It’s the reason that colleges, once the bastion of free thought and critical thinking, are now insane with sensitivity and erroneously comparing physical violence to being offended. If Trump doesn’t kill us all, whatever is festering on our fine country’s academic grounds will most certainly destroy our Great Nation. Why? Because Freedom of Speech is the Last Hill We Will Defend. Our First Amendment is the Lighthouse, the beacon, to the rest of the world to find their way. If our nation lets public discourse fall away, so will The United States of America. So for that, for being the home to the Libitards, FUCK THE DNC.
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